Advent Fail

Advent Denial

This planet was populated with all sorts of flora and fauna under, above, and on its surface. We are one of these creations.

Unfortunately, we did not have the power within us to live in peace and harmony with one another and the rest of creation. We fought. We stole. We killed. We fell prey to our selfish desires and life for all of us became unmanageable.

Knowing God

Knowing God: Does it Matter?

I am not questioning whether Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life” or how hypostatic union works (the mysterious concept that Jesus is somehow both fully god and fully human), but whether it is necessary to understand and believe these things. Can I have relationship with God while remaining ignorant of or rejecting Christology and the Jesus narrative? Yes. I can.

Vote Libertarian

Vote Libertarian

I could certainly vote for a candidate who happened to be Libertarian or a position sponsored by Libertarians. However, convincing me to “Vote Libertarian” requires not just convincing me of your party’s benefits, but convincing me to align with your party. That meets a higher test. Here are some of the issues that stood out to me as I declined the invitation:

Caedmon Ninth Birthday

Suicidal Beginnings

WARNING: As the title suggests, this article is Part 1 in my ongoing story with suicide. What do I mean by “ongoing”? Two things. First, the story isn’t over. I’m not cured. Second, the story isn’t over. I’m still here. In telling my story, I am going to be specific in sharing my thoughts and actions. I understand that’s not a story everyone wants to read. If, for any reason, reading a first hand experience of self-harm ideation and action is going to put you in a bad place, please don’t read. It’s good to know our limits and set appropriate boundaries.

SSD Application

Money or Identity

I’m not at all comfortable with this, but I’ve kicked rocks in motion toward applying for more VA Disability Compensation and to start on Social Security Disability. On the one hand, I am disabled. These programs are designed to help disabled persons. My situation is why the system exists. I need more structure and income. This will provide the needed…

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